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This here now is a victory,
This is the first Gloria!

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how are you getting that much momentum on the third kick

The undercut though. Look at that fucking undercut and tell me this dork doesn’t look familiar. I dare you.

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((the moaning muses name meme thing)) First of all Krista heard her name from a little way across from her. It was a normal thing to hear the others say each others name in their sleep. But this sounded a little different than just saying her name. Getting up, she looked around the darkened area and saw who it was. She went over to him quietly. That was no normal way to say her name. "Hey.. Marco.. Wake up.." She gently nudged him.

//Sorry for the wait dear//

Marco felt someone nudging his arm, and stirred himself from his dream. His eyes fluttered open slowly, and a blush spread instantly when he saw who it was. “K-Krista?” He asked in surprise, before remembering his dream. ‘Oh no…’ He thought, realizing he must’ve spoken in his sleep. “Um…Everything ok?” He smiled nerviously, trying to play it off.






Jean Kirschtein [Trainee camp] (Snk)

Marco Bodt - Void
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"you ever loved some but didnt want to ruin the friendship?" Jean asked heaving a sigh ///love best freind meme///









"I suppose you could say that…" Marco replied, surprised by the sudden question. 

Jean blushed lightly but nuzzled right back “yeah…i know so…and now I know that, that freind likes me. Itll be no problem giving him a kiss and telling him how I feel” he smirked wrapping his arms around marcos waist.

"That’s great Jean." Marco chuckled, bringing his arms up to drape behind the other males neck. "I’m sure he’ll love that." He murmured, eyes fluttering closed as he moved closer.

Jean smiled as he leaned in close to marcos lips “good…” He chuckled as he started by kissing him softly, then turned deeper as he held his freackled love closer. He pulled away for a moment inches from his lips and whispered “i love you marco bodt” he pulled him closly kissing him again as if to back up his statment.

Marco kissed back just as deeply, nipping gently at Jean’s bottom lip. His eyes slid open when they parted. “I love you too, Jean.” He breathed, happily returning the second kiss.

Jean kissed his freckled lover good, then parted and looked down to him “im so glad…you mean the world to me you know?” He joked but ment it too as he nuzzled into his shoulder “so what do you wanna do now?” He asked nipping pkayfully at his neck.

"You’re everything to me too." Marco sighed contently, leaning his head back to let Jean continue biting at his skin, a chuckle resounding from him. "Anything you’d like to do, love. You know I’m not picky."

Jean groaned playfully “awww but I want to do, what you want to do” he spoke kissing down his neck and sucking on his shoilder. While it was true he wanted to do whatever he wanted….
He clearly had something else in mind, that made him shiver.
But he would never force him to either…

Marco let out a stifled moan at Jean’s action. “Oh?…OH!” His eyes widened as he realized what Jean was asking. He let out a chuckle at his mistake, before pulling the other male closer to himself. “I want that to.” He murmured, shivers of his own drifting down his spine.

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